The IDF kill indiscriminately without constraints

It’s  becoming more and more obvious that Isreal’s IDF kill innocent women and children indiscriminately. Isreal’s  Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu has shown no restraints. It’s  time to withdraw any international support for Isreal and impose sanctions on them instead to curb Isreal’s rampage and make them conform to international law.

Isreal can no longer justify It’s  aims in Gazza. They are unreasonable and there is no consideration  for the vulnerability  of the civilian population. Instead Isreal has been using starvation as a weapon against the civilian population of Gazza.

For years Isreal has been either encouraging or turning a blind eye to the activities  of the IDF and settlers involved in land grabs in the West Bank which in turn has been fuelling resentment  against Isreal. The IDF has been acting with impunity and without constraints. It appears to be doing the same in Gazza now. International  opinion must now change in a swing against Isreal. America and Britain  and whoever  must withdraw support for Isreal and put tough sanctions  in place to curb the actions of Isreal. This is not to be seen as support for Hamas by any means. It is just a humanitarian act. The peoples of Palestine and Gazza must be given a voice independent  of the controls exerted by Isreal and the IDF. Isreal should not be left in a place whereby they are policing Gazza in the future. Isreal should have no control of either Gazza or West Bank any longer. To leave it like that only instigates future problems  for the area.

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