What’s the purpose of ‘Reform UK’ political party?

What’s  the purpose of the ‘Reform UK’ political  party. Well given the amount of Tories defecting to ‘Reform UK’ it would appear that it’s  main purpose is the give jobs to Tory Ministers who have either lost position or favour in their previous political  party or as an insurance  policy to try and protect their jobs because they are aware of their upcoming defeat in the next General Election.

‘Reform  UK’ are the last bastion of the Tories. It’s  a party that exists for disaffected Tory  voters who just cannot bring themselves  to actually vote for Labour because that would be going too far. Many disaffected Tory Ministers are recognising this. They have assessed  that their chances of re-election under the Sunak administration is pretty slim so they are beginning to hedge their bets and to seek refuge and place hopes of  reelection and having a job in the future by moving into the ‘Reform  UK’ party. Desperate to retain at least some job in Parliament  in the future.

Reform UK or UKIP used to be the thorn in the side of the Tories provoking Cameron into taking the drastic and disastrous Brexit vote.  So what do they actually  stand for now that Brexit has been unleashed?

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