The Tories have no answer to the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’

The Tories  have no answer to the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’. Now as a last resort they have turned to taxation as their preferred ( and only available) method of attempting to deal with the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’. Taxation  and more taxation  is their response to dealing with the gap in public finances largely  caused by their election of an inept leader which they imposed on the Country and for which we all must now pay for her mistakes. The Tories  are now the party of high taxation because  they haven’t  anything else in their locker. For the last 12 years in Government  they have been forced to rely on borrowing to keep taxation  down. Now in the time of crisis  all their ineptitude is showing. The Tories  have no other strategy available  to them besides taxation. They have nothing that generates any substantial income for them because  they have sold it all off. This is the legacy  of Thatcherism. Sell off all your assets and by so doing the only income you will be left with is through taxation. Thatcherism has caused Britain  to become bankrupt.

The reason  that the Tories have no answer to the Cost of Living Crisis is because they still believe  in Thatcherism

This is the end of the road for a system  of Thatcherite policies dating back over nearly 40 years. The Tories still believe in Thatcherism and stand by the privatisations of the utilities  and the railways carried out by Thatcher and Major. They refuse to reverse these privatisations and stand strong behind the principles of Thatcherism.  However  this has become problematic for them since it is the Energy Providers which have hiked up there prices and their profits and it is these companies  that are the driving force behind Inflation  and the Cost of Living Crisis. The Tories  refuse to significantly challenge these companies and so have become ineffective when dealing with Inflation  and the Cost of Living Crisis.

Take a look around you: this is 3rd World  Britain  created by Tory policies

This is the result of Thatcherism. Take a good look around you at the result of Thatcherism. This is now 3rd World  Britain  that you are looking at. This is an impoverished  Britain and an embarrassment. Yes there was the Blair years of Labour and he too should shoulder some blame for the persistence of the Thatcherite policies that he failed to address and overturn whilst he held the reigns of power. Yes Blairism  is also to blame because he made the Labour  Party  weak and ineffectual by failing to reverse the privatisations  that Thatcher and Major had put in place.

The Tories  cannot change because they still strongly  believe  in Thatcherite policies

The Tories  cannot change because  they still strongly believe in  Thatcherite  policies and that is why they have no answer to both the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ and ‘Inflation’.  Thatcherism  is still at the core of the Tory  Party’s policies and values. The Tories are incapable of reshaping  themselves without core values of Thatcherism. They still stand by the ineptitude of their decision to sell off Britain’s  assets. After you have sold all your assets  what are you left with? Well the answer is nothing. The Tories  are now bankrupt  of ideas and have only one last resort  to fall on and that is to tax you as much as they can. All of Britain’s  assets  have been sold off to make money for shareholders  and outside interests  in other countries who give back nothing to the British economy. These are assets  which could  have provided an income for the country  to provide health care and education amongst many other things. But instead we now all face higher levels in taxation cuts to our public services as well as in health care and education budgets. The Tories haven’t got any ideas to tackle  the ‘ Cost of Living Crisis’ other than to actually  make us all worse off by raising levels of Taxation. The Tories  fail to recognise that Inflation  and consequently the Cost of Living Crisis is being driven by the Energy Companies and the utilities that it sold off to private concerns 30 – 40 years ago under the stewardship  of Margaret  Thatcher and John Major. Mainly because  of the Tories, Britain  faces a new era of Austerity Measures for the second time during their term in office. Take a good look around you, this is 3rd World  Britain, all caused by the Tories with a legacy dating back to Thatcherism. A 3rd World Britain  is the legacy of Thatcherism. The Tories  are the biggest obstacle  that needs to be overcome to deliver a new and prosperous Britain  but first it must put aside Thatcherite policies. We must take back control of our assets  to get them working  for us. We have the choice to put them out of business  through competition backed by Government or to re-nationalise  them. It is imperative  to do this to free Britain  from the shackles  of Thatcherism. The Tories refuse to do this and so have no answer to the challenges  of the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ and Inflation. The Tories  are still resistant to ideas of public ownership  of the utilities therefore  they  are the obstacle  to be moved aside to make way for a new way to deal with the cost of living crisis and inflation.

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