How to tackle the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’

How to tackle the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’. Well the first obstacle is to remove the Tory Government because  they are not equipped, ethically  or ideologically, to deal effectively  with the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’. In fact many of their policies have contributed to this situation. The legacy  of Thatcherism is also a contributory factor. The current  situation  of having our Energy and other utilities  in the private sector is a major factor contributing to the high levels of Inflation that we are seeing. These Energy  Providers  have just got increasingly  greedy and any attempts  to moderate this by Tory  Government  Policies has been ineffectual.

The other factor contributing to the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ is yet again another fault of the Conservatives in that they have basically, over the years and because of their policies, made Britain  bankrupt. Britain  has little  means to generate a source of revenue  for the Government because  it has privatised all of it’s  key industries. Think of Railways, Water, Gas and Electricity. All of these are a constant source  of income, in constant demand: yet previous  Conservative Administrations sought to put these utilities in the hands of private ownership and thus deprived the Government  of it’s  sources of income letting billions and billions of pounds seep away to private shareholders. This was the Nation’s source of income. Now all gone, all that the Tories can do is to raise the levels of Taxation. This strategy now has no value at all for Britain. Britain  must own and control its Energy Provision and this has been brought home to us by the recent actions of Putin which has reinforced the need to be totally self sufficient in regards to Energy ownership. Britain  needs to get rid of outside interests in relation to our utilities. We have to make the utilities work for the benefit of all UK citizens  and not just a handful of shareholders. Currently  the Energy providers  in the UK are holding it’s  customers  to ransom and exploiting customers  with over priced services under the disguise of blatant profiteering. This must be stopped. By introducing a Government Owned Energy Company into the market this could provide an alternative to re-nationalising: the aim being to put the existing  Energy Providers out of business by taking their customers. This is the aim and the cheapest  solution  as an alternative  to re-nationalisation and compensating shareholders. Yes let’s  put them out of business.

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