Isreal must be stopped now and a 2 state solution put in place that is no longer policed by Isreal

Isreal cannot be  trusted to police what is left of Gazza. There is no constraints on the IDF who have lost their credibility to act as a peace keeping force in the Gazza strip. In fact the whole area including the West Bank should be made to be off limits to the IDF. Following Isreali “s incursions into Gazza and what looks like the indescriminate bombing targeting  the civilian population there is certainly  no way that Isreal could act as a peacekeeping agent in Gazza. There is also some suggestions  that Isreal’s motivations are changing with some promoting an agenda for settlement of Isreali’s  in Gazza where there has been talk of land grabbing and purchase of prime locations in Gazza for the habitation of Isreali settlers. This would be a totally unacceptable outcome of the war and of Isreal’s incursions  into Gazza via the IDF.

For further reading on this matter See this article by Orla Guerrin of the BBC

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