Putin attempts to fit events into his own narrative

Events are catching up with Putin on his own soil. Truth is that the recent events in Russia have been brought about by Putin’s involvement in Syria. Putin’s attempts to deflect this blame towards Ukraine is just an attempt to fit these recent attrocities to fit his own narrative. Ultimately what happened is a revenge attack based on Russian atrocities  in Syria. So events are coming back to find Putin. He is not only fighting a war that he personally  created with Ukraine: he is also now fighting another war against revenge terrorism at home in his own country. Putin has brought this upon himself and upon the Russian people. Putin is ultimately to blame for acts of terrorism in his own country. Putin is to blame for the marred reputation of Russia amongst the rest of the world.

Putin and his foreign policies are to blame for the recent Stadium attack in Russia

Putin has brought the wrath of foreign terrorism to the people of Russia. For years Putin regime was behind attrocities in Syria and Georgia. Putin’s  actions in Syria were particularly brutal  in support of Assad’s regime. There is no smoke without fire and what goes around comes around. Now Rusdis is under attack in revenge for the atrocities  of Putin.

Putin is desperate  to deflect these attrocities  in his own country to avoid scrutiny of his own involvement  and culpability

Putin is desperate to hijack the narrative and turn it to his own advantage. Desperate to try and implicate the Ukraine he is looking to scapegoat them to avoid scrutiny  of his own involvement and culpability. In reality  the buck stops with Putin and his actions in Syria. Support for Putin by the Russian peoples is also another culpable  factor. Is it really any wonder that  Russians have made themselves a target by supporting and even tolerating a dysfunctional regime led by a despotic leader?

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