The Tories won the General Election in 2019 on two slogans, one of which was ‘Levelling-up’. The idea that the Tories would introduce an element of fairness taking into account less affluent areas of the country often neglected by Tory policies which tended to favour the South and more stable Tory seats. The idea was introduced mainly because of the new threat of the more socialist policies being picked up again by the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. Under threat from real Socialist ideas the Tories decided to introduce the notion that they could also do Socialism to counteract that particular threat. They started to promote themselves as Socialists ready to introduce fairness into their policies. However to date there has been no real evidence of this at all and it now appears that it was nothing other than a method of reducing Labour’s power and grip of areas where it has traditionally been in control and assured of being elected. Levelling-up was only ever just a slogan with no real meaning or substance. It was a lie to grab power and to mislead. It was never backed up by any real Socialist Agenda or Socialist Economic Theory. Levelling-Up could only really ever be achieved by having a Government with real Socialist Economic Principles: which is something that Tories will never be able to offer despite their claims about fairness and opportunity.