Forget being mis-sold PPI what about the mis-selling of Gas, Electricity and Railways

It’s true the British Public were pick-pocketed by Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Forget being mis-sold PPI that’s nothing in comparison to the robbery and mis-selling that occurred and was directed by the Margaret Thatcher and John Major administrations. If I had enough money I would take the matter to court to expose the treachery that occurred and to prove that the privatisations were orchestrated to make a lot of money for vested interests and were not in the interests of the British citizens nor the British Economy.

Britain is  bankrupt

And if you don’t think that you were affected by PPI, well for sure you have been effected by the privatisations of Gas, Electricity and the Railways. Why? Well because Britain is bankrupt and Margaret Thatcher, John Major and the Conservatives are to blame. Together they managed to strip Britain of all it’s major assets and sell them off into private hands. So money that could be working for you is simply diverted into the hands of greedy fat cats and shareholders whilst at the same time the general public has to pay over inflated prices for these services. Britain is bankrupt because it has no means with which to support itself it has no way to generate Capital. Britain is in effect itself a jobless scrounger generating no income for itself. Britain is on it’s knees. Britain borrows heavily to pay it’s way and that’s why we have such high government borrowing and high rates of taxation. That’s why we have a deficit and that is why we have to suffer cuts to public services (such as the cuts to police, council services, waste collection , lighting, criminal justice etc).

Britain needs an Income to pay it’s way and get up of it’s knees

Britain needs a job. It needs to generate an annual income which it can use to improve it’s lot and make it’s way in the world again. Forget Brexit that is just a bullshit sideshow created by a Clown. The real matters that Britain faces are getting a job and getting income that can work for all.  Britain needs to take back the Gas and Electric utilities back into public ownership and the Railways as well. As soon as that it achieved Britain can start to go forward again and get up off it’s knees and stop borrowing money that it has not got.

Let’s get Britain off it’s knees

Thatcher and Major mis-sold privatisations of these utilities to the public. It was either that or gross incompetence on behalf of these government ministers and their respective administrations. It could not be thought of acting in the interests of the public to sell these utilities off and was in my opinion act of gross incompetence selling off what were essentially profitable organizations. How could their worth be so plainly under-estimated as to their true value and worth. This too me looks like an act of incompetence either that or Thatcher and Major deliberately acted in a way that misled the public as to their true worth which was not in the public interests. Just realise the amount of capital that these privatizations have generated for the shareholders and then tell me that you have not been ripped off. Everytime a bill drops through your door from Gas and Electric and every time you have to buy a rail ticket or pay more for your ticket because of yearly price hikes you must feel ripped off. Do you really think that Richard Branson would be interested in Railways if there was not a hefty profit to be made out of it. And who’s paying for that profit- well you are of course. It’s high time now to put things right and take these companies back into public ownership and challenge the decisions that we made not in the public interest at all. back in the day Britain was sold this notion that competition would deliver better pricing structures and improve services to consumers this has not proved to be the case at all and the opposite has been seen with confusing pricing structures and price fixing cartels , cuts in services and down-sizing, Fat Cat bonuses and increased profiteering all at your expense. This money could be ploughed back into public services or used to pay off the deficit in public borrowing. This is your money, let’s take it back and use it for Britain. Lets make Britain great again. Let’s get Britain off it’s knees and walking tall in the world.

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