Any more Tories want a job for the next 5 years? Apply to the Labour Party

The Labour Party are currently recruiting any disaffected Tories scared of losing their jobs in the next General Election. Labour are currently offering a guaranteed contract for 5 years subject to being elected in the next General Election.

Is this the reason  why the Labour  Party  is becoming so attractive to Tory  Ministers?  Or has the Labour Party become so palatable to even the most right wing Tories  because Kier Starmer has made Labour almost indistinguishable from the Tories  in the way that Blair did before him? So the Tories  just recognise that they will fit in quite nicely without too much of a shift in ethics and beliefs. Hedging their bets they might even get a job for the next 5 years if the polls are to be believed.

Come and Work for the Labour Party : no application necessary

This move to Labour says more about the ambitions  of the Labour  Party under Kier Starmer ,where Tories  scared of losing the General  Election  are welcomed with open arms of the Labour Leader. This shows more about the direction of the Party under Kier Starmer and is the biggest indicator do far of a huge shift to the right. No application  form to fill in.

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