Energy provision in the UK is a mess. Much of it is owned by outside interests from other countries. The Energy Market is not being run for the good of the country and it doesn’t benefit the country. It is being run for profits to of shareholders. Energy should be publicly owned and run for the good of the country to fund the nation’s infrastructure. Voters were mis-sold and misled by Thatcher’s governments. Thatcherism persists even now years after her demise and death. However Thatcher’s ideals and policies are now larg discredited and don’t work for Britain. The legacy of Thatcherism is holding the country back and preve real change for the good of Britain. It’s now time for new thinking and a new approach. To do this the provision of energy needs to be taken back into public ownership. These posts under this tag explore this issue to provide a persuasive argument to re-nationalise the energy utilities in Britain.