Bodge-it is prepared to betray the Irish with a ‘No Deal Brexit’ exit

The purpose of the ‘Backstop’ was to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. That was the purpose of the negotiations with the EU that Theresa May’s government set up. A ‘No Deal Brexit’ will basically guarantee that a hard border is set up. So arguments against the backstop will be counterproductive and a no deal Brexit exit will in fact be a betrayal of the Irish leading to a hard borfer between the 2 parts of Ireland.

Can you afford Brexit? Has anyone told you how much Brexit will cost you?

Has anyone told you how much Brexit will cost you? Did you know that the average British citizen will be between £2000-3000 worse off as a result of Brexit

Has anyone told you how much Brexit will cost you as an individual or as a family? Did you know that you are likely to be between £2000-3000 a year worse off as a result of Brexit. The politicians won’t tell you this because the Leave Campaigners did not want you to know this. Bodge-it Johnson continues to minimise the impact of Brexit stating only that ‘there will be some disruption’. But what does this statement mean? Either he does not know at all or he knows but refuses to tell you the truth because he is frightened to let you know.  Either way I suspect he does not really give a damn because he is not your average working class. He will know nothing about hardship nor will he care that the average British Citizen will suffer as a result of Brexit. Brexit will not impact on him personally although it could put an end to his political career and that of his political party but I suspect he cares neither way anyhow.

Why won’t any Leave Supporting politician tell you how much Brexit will cost you? In the words of Bodge-It’ Brexit will cause some disruption’ but what does this actually mean?

The Leave Campaign was very liberal with the truth and their mathematics was basic and rudimentary. Figures were brandished around which were ludicrous, ridiculous and unsubstantiated. Even now after all this time the Leavers show litlle understanding of basic maths and still just cannot make their sums add up correctly. Bodge-it is bereft of any grasp of mathematics I doubt he even passed an ‘O’ level in the subject. So when he speaks of Brexit causing some disruption is he just minimising the whole thing or has he really got no grasp of the scale of it anyway? I would be inclined towards the latter.

This is how much Brexit will cost you based upon facts!

This is how much Brexit will cost you and I will explain how this figure was derived. Well the truth is that the average UK household will be between £2000-3000 worse off a year as a result of Brexit. Bodge doesn’t want you to know this. Can you really appreciate that your annual income will be devalued to this extent and are you prepared to let this happen? This will be the truth of Brexit, the truth that Bodge it wants to hide from you. The resulting devaluation in your annual salary/earnings will be a contributing factor towards a huge economic recession in the UK as you see your living standards drop, your savings devalued and your income devalued. This figure is also likely to be an underestimate as well, it is likely that the figure could be far greater. So can you really afford Brexit? That is probably an under estimate as in most cases it will probably be much more depending on how many dependant children you have and your average shopping bill.

Anyone who currently shops at Aldi or Lidl will be considerably worse off as a result of Brexit

As per my previous post where I pointed out that it is likely that the cheaper EU based supermarket chains will most likely be pulling out of operation in the UK Post Brexit or their prices will certainly increase. Therefore this figure is based upon the average savings from using these cheaper European based supermarkets for your weekly shopping this translates to an estimated increase of £30-40 (which is currently your average savings by using these supermarkets for your weekly shop) and not taking into account increases in prices generally as a result of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ . Also included in the estimate is the likely increase in cost of your average holiday to European destinations. So now you know how much Brexit will cost you, could you really afford to have you wage devalued by at least £2000- 3000 per year? Is this something that you were informed about before the referendum? Would it have made a difference to how you voted in that Referendum? Even if you currently don’t use these European based supermarkets you will see price rises for food and essentials as well as on goods and services so there will be a significant devaluation of your wages/salary. All this comes on top of the austerity measures already in place putting a significant squeeze on your hard earned wages. So no politician in this government will come clean and tell you what will be the increased cost to the average UK household of Brexit because they don’t want to alarm you. Given that this is likely to be between £2000-£3000 per year can you really afford Brexit? I am wondering how keen you are now that you know.

Bodge, the childish megalomaniac, thinks that by sulking he will get his own way & make Europe give in

Bodge-it thinks that by sulking he will get his own way and Europe will just give in to his demands. Well this is a fine strategy and one more worthy of a kindergarten and really less becoming of a so called statesman or Prime Minister. Meanwhile it has given Bodge the chance to pretty much resume his role of London Major and that means pretty much going around doing nothing much at all. This is what Bodge-it does best of course. Now he has taken to going around with his imaginary chequebook promising everyone large sums of cash in an attempt to please everyone and buy his election votes.

Putting a childish megalomaniac in charge of the country and the Brexit negotiations is irresponsible

Bodge-it may be quite used to getting his own way by sulking and let’s face it that strategy pretty much got him the job as Leader of the Conservatives. However I doubt that Europe will be such of a pushover or so easily duped. It is doubtful that this childish strategy will work with them and in the meantime the clock continues to count down to this deadline at the end of October. So far nothing at all has been achieved through this new strategy of sulking and nothing will. Britain is just losing time by not entering into any meaningful negotiations.

It might be wise to consider that sanity should be sacrosanct and when it is not it should be reviewed and replaced. The act of putting in place a madman with a mad agenda that will affect everyone simply points to the fact that parliament is currently not working properly. This being the case it should be reviewed and replaced with something better that is going to work properly. Having a childish megalomaniac in charge of the fate of the British Economy really makes no sense at all.

The British must like a bad deal

What is wrong with British people it seems that you must just like a bad deal. There has been a significant rise in the amount of people drawn to European based supermarkets in the last decade or more yet the British people seem willing to loose all these benefits by supporting Brexit and heading towards a ‘no deal Brexit’ . So what I can summise is that the British people either just don’t know a good deal when they have one or simply like paying over the odds for commodities. When we leave the EU we will be held to ransom again through the inflated prices of the British and American based supermarket chains often supplying inferior produce at inflated prices. Competition will be reduced and consumer choice will be stiffled. Many of the British people who voted for Brexit will be the same people that shop in these lower priced supermarkets. These same supermarkets will not be able to supply these goods in the same way that they do now. They may well disappear completely. Cheaper and often better European alternatives will be no more. The spending power of British folk will be reduced as we will be forced to pay more for the same goods. Are we just stupid why don’t we see this?

European Supermarkets softened the blows of Tory Austerity Measures for many

European Supermarkets softened the blows of recent Tory Austerity Measures for many British people by offering better deals than traditional supermarkets. Many British people took advantage of this during the period of austerity and continue to do so having realised that the quality of the produce is often much better and much cheaper than the British alternatives. This helped people’s money go farther as prices were rising and wages kept low. Now it seems that the British have got so used to this that they are now simply taking it for granted. However with Brexit this will all change. It is likely that the likes of Aldi and Lidl could just disappear after Brexit with the consequences of poorer consumer choice and the higher prices and often inferior quality of the traditional British Supermarket Chains. This will be as a result of tariffs going onto European produce forcing price rises. For the likes of Aldi and Lidl their current reason to be is because they can offer their goods at competitive prices. This situation is not likely to exist post Brexit. As a result consumers will be forced to pay more for their goods. So the British folk currently looking for a bargain to stretch out their income will soon loose this advantage. So the British will be paying more of their household income on food and other commodities. What is wrong with the British once out for a good deal but so keen to simply discard a very good deal and replace it with a rubbish ‘no deal Brexit’. Tell me where is the sense in that? Who but the very dim witted would do that?

The SNP (Scottish National Party) are powerless to stop Brexit

The SNP (Scottish national Party)are powerless to stop Brexit and they will never be in a position to do so. In fact they are accountable for the success of the Tories in the General Election of 2017 and they continue to prop the Tories up in power in the UK. The SNP will never be in a position to govern the UK because they are primarily a regional Party. In fact the SNP is actually assisting the Tories by splitting the vote. This suits the Tories more than it suits Labour. As a result they have helped elect a political party that is actually detrimental to Scotland at the moment because they are assisting the Tories and helping them to hold on to power in the UK. As a result Scotland faces the unpopular scenario of leaving the EU with the rest of the UK. A vote for the SNP has resulted in a vote to keep the Tories in power.

The most urgent matter for Scotland is not devolution it is the prospect of leaving the EU 

The most urgent matter for Scotland is not devolution it is the prospect of leaving the EU. If Scottish voters want to remain in the EU they must consider where is best to place their votes in any forthcoming election. They must consider that the SNP will not be in a position to stop Brexit by themselves because they will not be in a position to govern the UK. Surely it is time for Scottish voters to consider this matter seriously. Placing a vote for a Party willing and capable of stopping Brexit must surely be better than voting for a single issue and regional party that cannot influence the outcome of this, the UK’s most important debate.

The SNP (Scottish National Party) are actually doing more harm to Scotland than good because they cannot prevent Scotland’s exit from the EU

The SNP may actually be doing harm to Scotland because of their lack of power in the Brexit debate. The SNP seem instead keen to exploit the unhappiness of leaving the EU and the impact it will have on Scotland and the Scottish Economy for their own advantage and ultimate aim of getting devolution at whatever cost to Scotland. If the SNP really cared about Scottish people then it should do Scotland a favour and step aside for a while to put a National UK Party in place and not just be seeking to exploit a situation for their own advantage. Devolution at whatever cost seems to be the guiding principles of the SNP and Scotland and Scottish people be dammed as a result. It is obvious by refusing to do this that the SNP are actually helping the Tories to remain in power in the UK and this will ultimately result in the chaos of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ which will be damaging for the UK and Scotland but beneficial to the SNP in their quest for devolution.

Johnson makes his General Election gambit by morphing into Farage mkII

Boris Johnson has made his gambit positioning himself for a General Election by morphing in Nigel Farage mk II in an attempt to persuade Farage’s supporters to vote for him instead. He is re-positioning the Tories as a right to far right party. This strategy is a gamble because firstly it could alienate many in his own Party and he also counting on there being the same 3.6% majority in favour of the Leave Campaign without a swing in favour of Remain. He is hoping to take a large slice of the Brexit Party’s support away from Farage. This move is more about appeasing the far right in his own party than doing what is right and best for the country as a whole. This is reckless and reactionary politics playing into the hands of the far right in Britain. It is irresponsible politics.

Maths has never been a strength of Bodge-it and chances are he has miscalculated

It appears that Bodge-it has oversimplified the mathematics yet again to draw the conclusion that he will win a General Election. It appears that he has calculated that whoever commands the 3.6%  in favour of Leave will win. What he has failed to grasp that this majority albeit very slender was composed of cross party loyalties which when it comes to a General Election may not be so easily predicted as many ‘Remainers’ wouldn’t consider voting Tory just to get Brexit completed. It is just not that simplistic. The recent success of the Brexit Party may not be be repeatable under General Election conditions because for many the appeal of that Party lay simply in a protest vote. Also looking at the composition of the overall vote in the recent EU elections showed that overall support for Brexit had actually decreased but this vote was split over a few Parties. Again this situation may not be replicated in a General Election. Many Labour supporters who wanted to Remain in the EU were protesting against the Labour Party’s vague position at that time. This has forced Labour in particular to modify and clarify it’s position. Again we are likely to see a drift back towards Labour in a General Election. Finally the SNP’s inability to do anything to halt Brexit may have the biggest effect on a General Election. This situation may come as a realisation for Scottish voters who may be attracted to a less regional Party that could have influence over what happens regarding Brexit. Scottish voters may well understand the need to vote for a UK wide party that could actually prevent both Scotland’s and the Uk’s departure rather than vote with possible devolution on their minds as the highest priority.

Finally many have come to realise that what they were sold in the referendum was not a true picture. As a result many will have changed their minds fearful of the real implications of leaving the EU. Fearful for their jobs and their livelihoods it would be inconceivable that there hasn’t now been a considerable swing in favour of remain.

Bodge-it is a politician of ideals with little true grasp of the issue. His attention to detail is scant and his grasp of the mathematics involved is questionable. I believe that he is over confident placing far too much faith in his own abilities and could be underestimating the strength of feeling against him. He is after all an unelected Prime Minister. The same thing that happened to Theresa May could also happen to him.

Are ‘No Deal Tories’ heading towards political oblivion?

With a likely ‘No Deal Brexit’ looming and an immature megalomaniac now running the show ( more of a pantomime really) it would appear that the Tories have opted for a course of political suicide. A no deal Brexit will no doubt be a disaster for the UK’s Economy. This is something that the public will never forgive or forget. Oh no we won’t!  They will hold the Conservatives accountable for this impending disaster and rightly so because what we have now is an administration run by ruthess & reckless Brexiteers and a Prime Minister who seems more concerned about morphing into Farage MkII, None of which have  considered the likely impact of a no deal Brexit on the ordinary people of Britain. This administration led by Boris Johnson (Bodge-it Johnson) seem determined to take us out the EU without a deal regardless of the consequences. This Conservative Party will be forever remembered as the party of no deal, the ‘No Deal Tories’ who damaged Britain. Bodge has insured that his name will not be forgotten nor will it be revered and yet he still may go on to steal the accolade of being Britain’s worst Prime Minister a title which David Cameron currently holds.

Is this really the best plan that the Tories could come up with: put a childish megalomaniac in charge and damn the consequences? The Tories opt for political suicide

By putting in a position of power a spoilt and childish megalomaniac in charge of dealing with this sensitive issue they seem only to have angered the Europeans and rightly so. This in my opinion is opting for an act of political suicide. I am not so concerned about this but the impact of a no deal on the UK is what concerns me more. Yes I would like to see the Conservatives disappear but not by having to pay the price of huge economic catastrophe that leaving the EU without a deal or leaving at all will obviously be. I don’t want to see my country wrecked by the lunacy of a stupidly childish megalomaniac more intent on making a name for himself than having a care for the the citizens of the UK. This in my opinion is a treasonous act of irresponsibility. Generations to come will feel the disastrous consequences of leaving the EU without a deal and that is what concerns me.

Let the Tories opt for political suicide but count me out

If Bodge-it wants to commit political suicide and drive the Tories over the edge of a cliff well count me out from such yobbish behaviour and count out all the reasonable and sane people who can see the error of this. Many British citizens will pay the price for this reckless gamble with their jobs, their livelihood and their homes for nothing other than the political meanderings of a bunch of foolish politicians intent upon misleading the public. Having no Tory Party and having no Boris Johnson would not be a bad thing, but living in a severely harmed UK would be! In the future post Brexit there will be nowhere for the Tories to hide and no excuses to make for they themselves have chosen to opt to gamble recklessly with the UK’s economic position and wellbeing, They, themselves, put in charge a childish megalomaniac intent upon dealing with the issue childishly and smashing up his toys when he could not get his own way. This has been the Conservative’s act of foolishness thus they have opted for political suicide.

The SNP is perhaps a luxury that Scotland cannot afford at the moment

This is my question for Scotland, do you hate the Tories more than you support the idea of devolution and which problem should you address first? It is all well and good supporting the ideal of devolution but until that opportunity arises which is your main concern, surely it must be who is likely to govern the UK in the interim period because these are the policies that will affect you in the short term. It would appear that a vote for the SNP is a luxury which you may not be able to afford if by doing so you put in place another Tory Government. Many in Scotland would prefer to remain in the EU but can this be achieved with a vote for the SNP? The SNP will not be in a position to govern the UK nor to determine whether or not the the UK remains in the EU. Which is the more immediate threat: a Tory Government that is hell bent on taking the UK out of the EU or the luxury of having the SNP govern Scotland whilst being unable to avert the impending and immediate danger

What is Scotland’s best chance of remaining in the EU?

If Scotland wants to avoid being taken out of the EU then surely it must place it’s hopes of devolution or another referendum on that subject on the back burner and deal instead with the more immediate threat by supporting a Party that can prevent the Uk’s departure from the EU. The SNP will not be able to prevent Scotland from being taken out of the EU before devolution so what is the more immediate danger either not getting another chance to vote on devolution or our impending departure from the EU? Scotland must make up it’s mind what is it’s biggest threat and where it’s priorities lie. It’s all very well voting for a Party promising devolution as it’s long term goal but this may come at a price of not being able to influence the outcome of the more immediate threat.

Is Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP indirectly supporting Tory Rule and aggravating Scotlands hopes of remaining in the EU?

Scottish voters need to ask themselves questions regarding whether or not they believe that by offering their support and loyalty to Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP they are not indirectly supporting continued Tory rule and perhaps even aggravating Scottish hopes of remaining in the EU. As I mentioned the SNP are powerless to alter the course of Brexit on their own and in their relative isolation. Perhaps then the luxury of voting in the SNP in Scotland should be put aside for the time being at least. Brexit is not a regional matter and all parts of the UK must unify if they are to have a chance of opposing it by voting for a cross border National Political Party that is willing to oppose Brexit. Regional matters must be shelved for the time being for the long term good of Scotland and the UK as a whole otherwise the Tories will triumph.

Boris’s Infantile, childish and naive belief that he can get his demands

The politics of Boris Johnson are Infantile, childish and naive if he believes that the EU will give in to his demands. No one leaves a club then expects the same privileges of its membership whilst not paying the subscription. There is no possibility of Free trade once we leave. The EU will not leave its borders open in Ireland because smugglers will quickly take advantage of this area of weakness. And finally bills have to be paid. Is this really the best that Bodge-it can come up with? His political naivety and childishness is embarrassing. To go to the EU with a set of embarrassingly ill thought out demands is just going to be a waste of time. A deal has to be amenable to both sides in a negotiation not just a one sided petulant rant from a spoilt public schoolboy who wants his own way. All very well banging your fists on the table in the cabinet office of Downing Street for the cameras: that’s not going to get you very far in the real world of actually doing a deal with the EU. The Conservative Party may have given into his demands and petulant rants to give him the job which he is neither intellectually capable of nor temperamentaly qualified to do but he will not find the EU such a pushover. Just making himself a persistent nuisance is not a strategy that is going to work with the EU.