Third World Britain: a Tory accomplishment all done on their watch

During 12 years of Tory management  they have finally  managed  to turn Britain  into a Third World Country.  This is Third World Britain. The Tories  have turned Britain into a third world country: an all done on their watch. The Tories have turned Britain into a Country where: people could die of hypothermia in the coming winter months, where people cannot find rental accommodation, where students cannot find affordable  rents or suitable digs, where people are unable to find homes to rent and cannot afford to mortgages to buy homes. Britain  is a country  where people can no longer get a dentist, see a doctor or get timely health care. More and more people  are relying on food banks. People have to make choices  between feeding their families and keeping pets. People are having to make tough choices about heating their homes or eating food. People are seeing their businesses going down. People are being laid off due to the uncertainty that businesses are becoming unprofitable  due to overhead costs spiralling  out of control. This is Third World Britain. Welcome to Third World Britain a spectacular Tory Party vision and accomplishment.

The Tories have run Britain  down for the last decade and outdated Thatcherite policies still hamper effective change in Britain

This is Third World Britain.  Britain  has become a third world  country. Brexit has compounded the difficulties. Businesses are failing under the many pressures brought about by the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ and the additional  pressures of a poorly conceived Brexit. However  what holds back Britain  the most is the existence of outdated Thatcherite  thinking that is still enshrined  and protected by successive Tory governments  including the current  administration. Even Labour  have in part contributed to this position by being unwilling to tackle Margaret  Thatcher’s  legacy. Thatcherism  set off a set of principles  and actions designed to set Britain  on course for decline. She systematically  sold off Britain to outside interests  willing to exploit  Britain  for profit. These Thatcherite  policies  still hamper Britain. These Thatcherite  policies  are stopping  effective change in Britain  and making Britain  into a third world country. The position  has been compounded  by a poorly conceived Brexit and failure to realise what was in store  for Britain  outside of the EU.

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